Auto Insurance

Protect yourself and your family with custom-fit car insurance from MetLife Auto & Home®. Be covered in case of an accident or theft and save big with an employee or association discount while you’re at it.

Individuals can enjoy:

  • Great savings. Good drivers deserve a good fit…and healthy savings. You could pocket hundreds with discounts and save even more for every year you drove claim-free.1
  • Coverage that suits you. Comprehensive and collision coverage is just the beginning. Our policies also give you the flexibility to dial up (or down) your peace of mind. Choose from new car replacement2, special parts replacement3, enhanced rental car damage coverage4, and more. And because there’s only one you, receive identity theft protection5 at no extra cost.
  • Did someone say convenient? Life can be complicated, which is why we make insurance so easy. Our customer service is accessible and personal. You can choose from different payment options, and you’re able to manage your account online for anytime, anywhere access. Just in case you want to view your policy at 2 a.m. while on vacation. Not that you would, but you could.

It’s good to be part of a group:

  • Special discounts. Here’s a helpful nugget of information: People who received MetLife Auto & Home® auto insurance quotes through a benefit programs offered by their employers or affinity groups saved an average of $597 per year!6
  • Coverage you just can’t shake. If you went on sabbatical, retired, or left your company, your coverage would continue without interruption or change, subject to policy terms and conditions.
  • You won’t miss out. Group participants are still eligible for replacement coverage for total loss, rewards for good driving, enhanced rental car damage coverage, identity theft protection5, and more. And your premiums are more affordable to boot.


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Home and Renters

We can help you find solutions to meet your unique needs. Just fill out the form—there's no obligation.

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TEAMSTERSHIELD Accident Insurance

Round-the-clock accident insurance protection at no cost to you. $10,000 of workplace and $2,000 of all-accident protection is paid for by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. You also may purchase up to $200,000 of additional protection for you and your family. Benefits include:

  • No cost coverage

  • Optional coverage to protect your spouse and dependent children

  • 5% cost of living benefit

  • Premiums waived during strikes and lockouts

To enroll call 1-800-393-0868 or go to

Who’s eligible?
U.S. Teamster members ages 18 to 69. Members over 70 receive one-half the benefit amount. This program is not available to members living in Canada.

Medicare Part D Prescription Drug

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters Voluntary Employee Benefits Trust has Part D plans designed to fit your needs and budget. Whatever plan you choose, TEAMStar Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Program (PDP) can save you money on generic and brand-name drugs. Our pharmacy network has more than 64,000 participating pharmacies nationwide.


Find out which plan is best for you.

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Life Insurance

As a Teamster, you work hard to help improve the lives in your community to create a future of opportunity. Shouldn’t your insurance help you cope with the uncertainties of your future?

The Union Labor Life Insurance Company (Union Labor Life) offers supplemental Life, Accident and Health insurance products to help provide the added financial security and valuable protection for union members and their families.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

Your union membership entitles you to receive Accidental Death (AD) Insurance at No Cost To You for one full year. You can also enhance this coverage with up to $300,000.00 in Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance, which provides 24 hours of coverage anytime, anywhere in the world.

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Renewable Term Life Insurance

Renewable Term Life Insurance

Ensure your loved ones are covered with renewable 10, 15 or 20-Year term life insurance that pays for life's expenses and may even replace lost income due to a covered family member's death.

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Term To Age 70 Life Insurance

Term To Age 70 Life Insurance

Take the first step towards providing your loved ones the financial security they deserve. Spouse coverage is available. And you can collect living benefits while still alive for terminal illness or organ transplant.

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Team To Age 100 Life Insurance

Team To Age 100 Life Insurance

Help your family pay for final expenses with life insurance available to Teamster members, retirees and their spouses that guarantees continued coverage up to age 100.

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Hospital Daily Benefits Plan

Hospital Daily Benefits Plan

Prepare for unexpected hospital costs that hospital insurance plans may not cover. Benefits are paid to you regardless of any additional coverage you may have.

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Hospital Accident Care Insurance Plan

Hospital Accident Care Insurance Plan

Accidents happen. Choose coverage with in-hospital and out-of-hospital benefits that are paid directly to you in the event you are hospitalized due to a covered accident.

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Hospital Expense Protection

Protect you and your family against the hardship of unpaid expenses for every day of confinement in the event you are hospitalized due to an accident or illness.

Our Hospital Daily Benefits Plan is available to members ages 18 to 63 and benefits start on the very FIRST DAY of your hospitalization. Other plans may not cover all expenses for a confinement in a hospital, skilled nursing facility, intensive care unit or for licensed home health care, leaving you with unpaid deductibles, co-payments and other unexpected charges. The Hospital Daily Benefits Plan can help fill the gap between the total cost of a hospital stay and any benefits you may receive from other coverage.


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VSP Insurance

Your eyes deserve the best care to keep them healthy year after year. Plus with VSP, you’ll get a great value on your eyecare and eyewear.

See for yourself what VSP can do for you.

  • Value & Savings: VSP annual benefits are affordable and offer great savings up to an average of $290 a year.

  • Personalized Care: Quality care that focuses on your eyes and overall wellness through a WellVision Exam® from a VSP doctor.

  • Great Eyewear: Choose the eyewear that’s right for you and your budget. You’ll have access to hundreds of the latest brands and styles.

  • Ease of Use: At your appointment tell them you have VSP. No Member ID card is needed.

  • Convenience: Securely and easily manage your payment amount online at

  • Our Guarantee: If you’re not 100% happy with your eyecare and eyewear from a VSP doctor, we’ll make it right.

To enroll, call VSP at 1-800-400-4569 (reference Teamster Privilege Vision Care #30019977), or visit us online at and complete the online enrollment form.

Who’s eligible?
Current Teamster members and retirees. Not available in Canada.

Medicare Supplement Program

TEAMStar Retiree Health Plan is a supplemental Medicare insurance program designed to protect Teamster retirees, their spouses and their surviving spouses from skyrocketing out-of-pocket health care costs. Program advantages include:

  • Freedom to choose your own doctors and hospitals—no provider lists.

  • Automatic Claims Filing Plus—virtually eliminates paperwork.

  • Nationwide availability—available in all 50 states and District of Columbia.

  • Competitive group rates—not available to the general public.

To join, call 9 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. ET, 1-800-808-3239 or visit

Who’s eligible?
All U.S. Teamster retirees, their spouses and surviving spouses who are enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B.


Start receiving no-cost, live doctor consultations via phone and video 24/7, plus savings on dental and vision care! Teamsters, retirees and their family members can enjoy this exclusive offer starting with a 30-day, risk-free trial.


Discover Telemedicine

  • Talk to a doctor live 24/7 by phone or video
  • No-cost consultations
  • Prescriptions written for non-DEA controlled medications
  • Includes discounts on dental and vision care

More Information

Discount Dental

Careington has owned and managed dental networks for 30 years and has recently contracted with DenteMax, another quality dental network provider, to create a "combined" national discount dental network with significant presence. This combined network is known as the Maximum Care Discount Plus Network.

The Maximum Care Discount Plus Network creates one of the largest dental networks nationally with a focus on neighborhood dentists. The network combines the outstanding network management skills of two great organizations and results in discounts of 5% to 60% below the 80th percentile of Reasonable and Customary charges.

Vision Discounts

VSP Vision Savings Pass is a discount vision program that offers savings on eye care and eyewear. With the best choices in eyewear, VSP makes it easy to find the perfect frame. Members can choose from great brands like Anne Klein, bebe®, Calvin Klein, Flexon®, Lacoste, Nike, Nine West, and more.*

Members receive:

  • Access to discounts through a trusted, private-practice VSP doctor
  • One rate of $50 for eye exams**
  • 15% savings on contact lens exams***
  • Special pricing on complete pairs of glasses and sunglasses
  • Unlimited use on materials throughout the year
  • Exclusive Member Extras and special offers


Starts at just $10.95 per month

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LASIK Vision Correction

Serving you with choice, quality and savings.

  • Members will receive savings of 40% to 50% off the overall national average cost for Traditional LASIK surgery through QualSight or receive significant savings on newer procedures like Custom Bladeless (all laser) LASIK.

  • QualSight has more than 800 locations, so members can choose the provider and the LASIK procedure that meets their vision care needs.
  • QualSight is contracted with credentialed and experienced physicians who have collectively performed over 4 million procedures.

The QualSight program is not an insured program.

Product not available in MT


Starts at just $10.95 per month

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